Reply To: Daniel Smith PrimaTeks /ground stone paints

I don’t think Moonglow is one….

Sandra I sure wish I knew why yours are loose and jostling around — I totally believe you, but can’t think what would be different from yours to mine and we live in the same city too!  I cover my tins with the paints for two reasons — AMAZING debris in an upholstery studio/NW Industrial Sanctuary plus cats licking paints.  I wonder if that keeps them just a bit moist?  Too moist and they’d mold, but the lid is just covering it.  I say talk to DS a bout it — but talk to a manager because the cust serv people are not all that savvy (my experience.)

I am NOT fond of the Mayans… next week I’ll give a posting on those.  Dry, chalky, but they must have their lovers (I don’t want the duos or sparkles so to each his own.)  Not had rewetting problems, but just don’t get the hype.

I think the sticks might be a great idea…. I want to try them but don’t need paint and so have not bothered.  Unfortunat3ely DS has not decided I am important enuf to test them!

Sandra, yes must meet…  I have a slight cold so let’s wait to set a time.