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Sandra Strait

Other good brands are M Graham, and Qor.  M Graham is surprisingly cheap and great quality.  It uses honey, which means many of the paints stay sticky in the pan.  Some people don’t mind this and some do.  Qor is good, but very expensive (excellent customer service though).  Lots of the people in this group swear by Da Vinci and Schmincke.  I haven’t used those myself.  I’ve used a few American Journey and Turner and liked them, but not enough to replace my existing paints.

Mijello Mission Gold is very vibrant and all the pigments handle the same.  Usually some colors explode in water, and others hardly move.  Some granulate and other don’t.  With Mijello they’re all pretty much the same.  That makes them easier to learn how to use but means you can’t get some of the effects that you can with other brands.  They are rather expensive if you buy the colors separately, but there are some sets, like their Pure Pigment set that are very reasonably priced.

When you are buying, look for words like ‘Artist Quality’ or ‘Professional’.  It’s not always a sure thing, but these tend to be the better paints.  Many brands have a professional quality and a student quality.  The student is always cheaper, but so are the paints.

If you click on ‘Resources’ up at the top, you’ll see ‘Art Supply Reviews’ in the drop-down list.  Lots of fantastic information to be found in those.

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