Reply To: Qor – Love them or Leave them?

Oh, man.  Y’all are making me want to go shopping in town now.

SCRAP is kind of awesome in the new location, btw.  Definitely worth the trip, and parking’s pretty easy where they are…as opposed to the downtown Blick where my fitbit wonders if I’m on fire from all the steps I have to take to get there once I find a spot to park.  (Spent way too long in small towns, and now I’m all like TRAFFIC?  NOPE.  DEALBREAKER.)

I’ve also had really good experiences at I’ve Been Framed over on Division.  Supposedly, they’re getting/have stocked Daniel Smith now, which is probably why I haven’t been back in a while.  I’m scared we’ll be eating ramen for a month….but I’ll have pretty colors.  Ahem.

If anybody wants to go to merriartist with a buddy (maybe to tackle you if you have over $XYZ in your hands on the way to the register?), let me know.  I’ve been dying to get over there.