Reply To: LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Watercolor Set of 20 Half Pans with SQUARE metal tin

Prima Watercolors has a great little tin.  I have seen many of the and student grade paint colors because I also bought them for others and made gift tins as presents using my own paints.  The paints are not as good as Cotman — some are grainy.  Most I gave to kids to use, but some were fine for fun.  Snobby people have said that tins are not good, but I am sorry, unless you are going to pay for a GOOD tin, these are great little tins.  They’ve been traveling around with me for a year and are just fine, as good as my Sennelier tin.  Fit in the palm of your hand.

My Review of the Prima Paints.

The paints I’ve tried, in the order that I liked their colors:
Prima Tropical
Prima Classics
Prima Decadent Pies

Prima Shimmering Lights and Prima Pastel I didn’t try…