Reply To: Da Vinci watercolors

Hmmm, never tried that one… oh no, I shouldn’t have seen it! Must not purchase. Must not purchase. 🙂

I scrolled thru but I can’t immediately find where we were talking about MG. Last December, we moved from coastal NC to the mountains. The coast was the most disgustingly humid place I’ve ever lived, and I grew up in the Southeast, an area known for massive humidity and mosquitos the size of vultures.

Never had a problem with MG paints before I moved to the mountains. NEVER. Trekking to the beach with them and storing them in a pack in 102 degree temps with 98 percent humidity. They stayed put in my palette and dried just fine.

The biome here in the mountains is a temperate rainforest, just like the PNW, and though we get a lot of rain, the overall humidity is very low. Like it hovers around 40-60 percent. But here many MG colors stay a soupy mess no matter what I’ve tried. I have no idea why, but it is what it is. Ugh.

I’m about to give up on my ex-favorite brand, but I’m finding that American Journey and Da Vinci are just as vibrant but aren’t catastrophic in my palette.