Reply To: Prints, prints, prints.

Elizabeth Metz

Yeah, that’s kinda what I mean — I’ve got a black and white laser printer at home only.  (I had a bit of a NOPE moment a few months back when my stupid ink jet finally annoyed me to the point of lighting it on literal fire.  I generally only print in black and white anyway, and that whole “one color is out, so you have to replace ALL THE COLORS before we’ll print in black, muahahahaha!” thing just drove me insane.  Extortion, I say!  So, my husband literally melted the printer with a flamethrower.  Literally.)

Ahem.  I digress.  I  need more coffee this morning.  😀

But yes, I’m definitely wanting someone else to do the printing, but I need to get the images *to* the printer, too, which has just seemed like way too much confusing work, and I’ve been slacking. 😀

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