Reply To: Prints, prints, prints.

You need a decent scanner in order to make prints, and a good printer, unless this is just for a friend — like I say, “I would love a copy of that!”  I can scan a smallish original (legal size paper) but do a high resolution and create a larger image on my own Epson printer.  These are less expensive than the professionals do, but still good quality.

Scanning quality is half the issue.  Print/ink/paper is the next.

See this page of mine for the info:
I can tell you more sometime in person…

If I am having them scanned professionally I use these people, they are easy to deal with, friendly to artists (discount so make sure they know you  are one), and helpful:

Pushdot Studio
2505 SE 11th Avenue Suite 104, Portland, OR 97202
503-224-5925 studio /