Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

Daniel MacBride

Thanks, it’s an old tobacco tin (the lid has a Scottish Saltire flag on it). It’s the perfect size to fit everything I could possibly need in it, when it’s closed I can put a few bits of watercolour paper for testing colours and a folded up paper towel for wiping brushes on inside the lid too. Fits nicely in my pocket, and I can fit a water brush in there as well if I want to. The pans are attached with magnetic tape so I can easily swap them out for other colours. I’m in the process of making a couple more different field boxes up from different sized tins – one is the tin that my last batch of graphite pencils came in so that will be a bit different set-up because it’s long and skinny (and means I can put a full size brush and pencil or nib in there instead of short ones with a straw). I have a bit of a collection of tins for making into field boxes lol – I’ll have to post more pics as I get them all made up 🙂

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