Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

Ooh, Lief Garrett, is he covered in paint? LOL. I got the sheet of magnets so there was more surface area. And yes if you just use their “sticky” on the back they kinda pull off the magnets after a couple weeks. So what I found is that if you get the sheets and pull the sticky off the back it does remove in kinda one sheet. I think. I had the roll up half inch magnets from the same company and found that the curve never left the magnet and that pulled off the bottom of the pan just as much as it was the glue’s fault so with my last strip I pulled the sticky off and glued the magnet with gorilla super glue. It works well. ***it IS Crazy glue but better so DON’T glue your half pans to your fingers!!***

LOL.You only need one tiny drop then I smooshed the magnet a little on the back of the half pan and held it for a count of ten, DONE. Even better, the gorilla super glue doesn’t seem to clog like crazy glue. which makes for a less mad person (me). :o)

I didn’t love the Bluetac as it was uneven and I’m hyper perfectionistic with my palettes, everything has to line up. It’s a sickness. ;o)