Reply To: I LOVE Hahnemühle Postcards

This post can also be found in the DIY Travel Palette Thread, but I thought it would be of interest to people following this thread as well.

There’s been some discussion about using the Hahnemühle YouTangle and Postcard tins for palettes, so I thought I’d post some comparison photos (and casually mention that I’m currently holding a giveaway for one of the YouTangle tins It ends 10/15/17. International entries welcome).

I used a Lukas Watercolor pan set for comparison – it is marginally longer, a bit wider and a bit thinner than the Da Vinci watercolor set.   I didn’t have that set with me, or I would have used it for this (and for those interested, this is the Jubilee edition cover of the postcard set).

Here you can see the heights.  The Lukas set doesn’t have a folding wing so it is thinner than most watercolor palette tins.  The Postcard tin is taller than an Altoids tin. (This was for you Tonya!).

Kate already posted some photos of the postcard tin with pans, so I’ll just post one for the YouTangle. tin.  I can squeeze (sqeeeeeze) 25 half-pans into it.  I haven’t used up my tiles yet, so I haven’t adapted one for real yet.