Reply To: Prints, prints, prints.


I have going to acprinter here in the Baltimore area who scans art work, Archival Arts. They scan your work digitally. Make a proof for you to,approve, then upload the scan to your flash drive. You can then have prints made from the scan, use the uploaded scan for your website or shop, or to send to jurying, etc. I can call or email  the printer and have any scanned art printed. Look around, and compare prices. Some printer charge a lot for a digital scan, and less for prints. Some printers charge less for scans, more for prints. They always give price breaks for 10 or more prints. And my printer has a sale twice a year.

I usually never sell the original, but have prints made, and sell those. If I sell a painting, it is in a show, matted and framed. Sometimes paintings are available in my Etsy shop. Anything I think I might enter into a juried show or contest is never sold.

Hope this helps.