Reply To: Beginning the Adventure

Thanks Elizabeth and Margot! I have been trying to get into local juried shows, with some success. I put some prints in the museum shop of an art league at the beach, but there are so many prints on the racks I doubt i’ll Sell anything.

I belong to a “collective” in Baltimore City that is fairly new. I paid to join at a great discount when they first started, and have done a few shows with them. They don’t require volunteer hours for now, and I don’t have to hang my own work. Phew! They get 20% of my sales at shows, but they advertise and give me an advertisement for a month on their website for my membership. They are programmed more for younger entry level artists, but I like working with them.

Also lucked out recently, and got a 2 month gig at one of the local libraries. I can sell my displayed art, too! That’s plenty of work for this retired artist!  I don’t want it to start feeling like a job, and I want to keep enjoying it while it pays for my supplies and workshops! 😁