Reply To: NEW Schmincke Custom Palette By Wet Paint.

Sandra Strait

Okay! Here ’tis.  Good news.  All single pigment.  Bad news.  Not many are transparent.  The tin was flimsier than I like, but has some nice features.

Not the best chart – all I had with me was a waterbrush and I was having some problems with water flow, but it gives you the idea.  Oh, and don’t keep me to the Pigment Index numbers I’ve added here.  Old eyes – I was having problems reading the label information.  I couldn’t find any charts online that gave the numbers, so I’m hoping someone with a better eye for fine print can verify these.

And here are some photos of the tin.

The thumb ring sticks out unless the tin is lying on something.  I’m not a fan of that.

I do like the seperate wells, but they’re on the wing and I could do without wings.


Rounded edges on the outside of the wing, but not on the inner corner.

I’m not sure how securely the tin closes.  I painted up a chart to fit inside the lid to identify the colors on 300 lb paper, and that was enough to keep it from closing at all. I think if I carry this loose in a purse or bag that I’ll wrap a rubber band around it.

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