Reply To: NEW Schmincke Custom Palette By Wet Paint.

Jennifer McLean

First, to make it easier on anyone who  needs it, ALL the info on the paints is available on my website here… ( but here’s the list below.

Perylene Red Dark (PR178, Semi-Opaque, Semi-Staining)
Saturn Red (PO64, Semi-Transparent, Staining)
Cobalt Azure (PB35, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Phthalo Sapphire Blue (PB15:6, Semi-Transparent, Stain)
Yellow Orange (PY110, Transparent, Semi-Staining)
Rutile Yellow (PY53, Semi-Opaque, Staining)
Potter’s Pink (PR233, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Perylene Violet (PV29, Opaque, Staining)
Perylene Green (PBk31, Opaque, Semi-Staining)
Hematite Black (PG17, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Viridian (PG18 Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Mahogany Brown (PBr33, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)

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