Reply To: NEW Schmincke Custom Palette By Wet Paint.

Debra “Kate” Powell

Sharon, I am HUGE into colors and playing and mixing… and love textures. I will try all the opaques with my Primateks to see what they do!  And I promise I will get a video done soon on playing with Primateks.

I generally don’t like opaque because it comes off flat.  But the opaque will suspend and drop differently into a Primatek.  Look at the Ultramarine (left) dropped into Yavapei… see how it moves and changes?  Same with the Sapmixed with Serpentine (which has quite a bit of brown that separates out) in the center.  These are all transparent but you can see what happens.

When I get a Primatek I take a journal I am not fond of and make squares and play with all — or most — of my other colors.  Below is Piemontite with a host of other colors, and mixing into the center I get to see how they shift mixed.  Permanent Yellow (3d over on top) is semi opaque and look what it does!

So I bought MG Cobalt Teal because EVERYONE said it was a great color.  It is.  But it is also flat opaque… But mixed, wow!.

Here is a Lapis sky with no other color (and Lapis changes BTW with the batch…) just layers, tho I may have had a slightly dirty brush with the second layer… the sky is quite grey blue (BTW I also used diopside and yavapei and hematite in this one in trees and buildings):


Above is Cobalt Teal.. A bit muddy for me though it is a pretty color, and Lapis.  Below is a sky with cobalt teal (opaque) dropped into Lapis, and a bit of Imperial purple at the edges… and the same imperial purple dropped into the Jadite or Diopside (I can’t remember).   The cobalt sings with its brilliance!

Hope that helps…



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