Reply To: NEW Schmincke Custom Palette By Wet Paint.

Okay, I have my pan set in hand.   This pan is bad.  Enamel chipping, doesn’t close properly, and you can see why — pics later — as the hinges are not hinged properly!

Jenn, don’t feel bad, but I already gave a call to Chartpak… not god news, as curotmer service didn’t know what Anniversay Schminkce pan I was talking about.  I wrote to Schminke.

I wanted to use the paints today but don’t know what to do…

My note to Schminke:

“I am so disappointed. My first time buying your watercolor set (the anniversary set) and the pan is chipped inside and hinges falling apart. Another artist is having the same problem — so I am not encouraged that this is a one off, which means that you put good paints in a terrible pan.
I can’t simply return it because the store is out of them (unless I just go for a refund but I’d like to resolve this positively.)
I contacted Chartpak but they do not seem to know what I am talking about — which is a pretty big deal as they are your USA distributors.
I will hold off on my review until I hear from you.
Best, Kate”