Reply To: NEW Schmincke Custom Palette By Wet Paint.

Okay, update…  Wet Paint Art is such a good store…

I’m getting nowhere with Chartpak (geesh, no call back) and of course Schminke is overseas so can’t fault them yet.

Wetpaintart, however, is getting complaints and did some research on what is happening.  It seems that the reason this release happened in two batches is that Schminke had to find a new distributor of the palette.  Lots of people are complaining.  There are two issues.

Hinging: Like mine, the hinging is off on two sides (we repair hinges on furniture so I knows of what I speak.)  The lid hinge on mine is cut at an angle — that is why wonky, and is VERY BAD.  The wing mixing tray hinges are crimped incorrectly and so mine will not last long — also VERY BAD.

Virtually all of the insides had nicked enamel.  If that was the only problem I’d just repair it… BUT my tin is not going to last.

What wetpaintart said is that they are taking names of people who are having issues is their tin, especialy hing issues, and they are requesting that Schminke replace the tins (sending them extra proper tins) in the second  batch.  It will be awhile, and they of course can’t make Schminke do anything but that is what they are requesting.  So wherever you bought yours, tell them you’d like a replacement tin — especially as many many are having ton problems.  I’ll take pics so they can see and send them the pics so no one takes advantage.

That’s all — I am about to play with the paints.  Yay!  Weekend of painting, quite rare these days.