Reply To: Notes For Watercolor

🙂 For me that quote tells me so much more than that light is the most important thing in watercolour – I don’t know lol, maybe it’s just my weird little brain, but when I think of “chasing the light” it feels to me almost like the light is a living entity, and “chasing the light” means understanding it on a very visceral, intuitive and emotional level (if any of that makes sense? It’s a bit difficult for me to describe the feeling I get when I read or hear that phrase, but it’s also almost like the watercolour itself is a living entity that we are learning to communicate with). I mean on a very basic level, we use light to communicate different moods and emotions, but what that little phrase says to me is so much more than that and completely changed the way I see or feel about watercolour. (Sorry for the clumsy explanation, it’s hard for me to articulate something that hit me on such a deep level lol).

I do know though that when I first read it, something clicked inside me and from that moment on I connected with watercolour on a completely different level (which is funny because I only picked up a brush for the very first time in May – there’s a whole story about my history with art and painting in general that illustrates why it’s so incredible that I even picked up a brush at all lol – and read the quote about a week after I started painting). And knowing how I feel about watercolour now, I am very much aware of how different I would be as an artist and how much less connected to the medium than I am now because I read that quote 🙂 I wish I could remember who said it, because I owe them a great debt for making me see watercolour in a completely different :light: 😉