Reply To: NEW Schmincke Custom Palette By Wet Paint.

Jenn, I don’t think the palette cost is hype or expensive — It in in keeping with deals like this and none OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!   We buy many types of materials, and sometimes a manufacturer changes things and does not tell us.  Fabrics, trims, the works.  It is the first time I’ve had a “gee I didn’t know about this” from a company spokesperson who certainly should know.

I hear Tonya likes the palette colors and so does Sandra…

It is not WetPaintArt’s fault either, and they have been excellent to work with.  I’ve learned things from Kate just this morning that makes me give a few of the colors a second try in a different way, and I’ll write about it and post it here.  I will use a few of the colors a lot and maybe trade the rest —

Finally,  I learned a lesson this month having little to do with you… I trusted the word of another amazing teacher who recommended a brand of paint and when I found out about it I had Mitchell buy me several of the colors and dang if they are not a total disappointment.  Teaches me not to rush to spend $$.  But this I would have done, if not from you then from a couple others like Roz who loves Schminke and so forth.

And BTW, I’ve reviewed and recommended things that others HATED — it feels bad but oh well.  Life moves on.