Reply To: NEW Schmincke Custom Palette By Wet Paint.

Thanks, Jennifer. Just so you know, my Saturn hate is totally a personal preference. I know many who love a good orange. I’m not in that group. (Obviously – lol!) It really does paint out and perform fine. IMO, this is a fine set and good addition to my collection. And I even love the tin. Even though I was a major griper about the preorder and then oh-yes-its-in-yet-you-must-wait process, I’m happy I ordered it. Onto more watercolor adventurers!

And yes Sandra… too much drama already in the artist world… I was referring to the palette itself. 😛 ha! Thanks you all! You make this FUN!

But really, there are so many here who are more adventurous and more experienced painters than me, so I think in the future, Schmincke would be wise to listen to them and target the professional watercolor artists with their picks. Maybe leave the coloring-book-opaque “Prima” palettes to the bullet journaling folks? 😉