Reply To: Do paint brands make a difference?

I do think they make a difference, in pigment, binders, cost per mg, and quality control.

Air trapped means tubes of paints dry and I am seeing a lot of that now with Daniel Smith.  I’ve had three newer tubes dry out partially, sent one back.  I’ve had pops of air come out upon opening.  I also see separation in paint colors that I did not have separation in previously… not good.  I store my tubes on their side and this should not happen.  So I am looking for a go-to brand outside DS now (oh horrors to the many who love DS), though I will always be a huge fan of Primateks, and yes, separation is one thing that happens in some of them so I think from now on when I get a tube of DS it will go into many full pans, leaving me just a little bit in the tube for my mixing pans.

There is also the difference in student grade versus artist grade, but that’s been said.

Personally, I have never found a favorite in WN.  I think QoR is outrageously priced and just don’t get it, though I have two colors I buy from them because I love them.  I’ve tried many Holbeins early on and I can’t say they are my favorite paint — inconsistent quality — but again, they make a Quin Gold that I will always have in my palette as it is a softer QG and it makes wonderful skin tones

I love MG but they don’t dry completely in Portland Oregon, so I don’t use them in my travel palette except Cobalt Teal.  Heavenly paints, the richest color.  I intend to buy more of them for the studio.

Da Vinci is wonderfully creamy when rewetted, amazing pigment, and I will be replacing many DS as I use up tubes.

Sennelier is excellent, a bit more expensive, but I love their paint and have loved it in pans (my first pan set was Senneleir) and even more in tubes.  I’ll buy more.

I really am not willing to comment on Schminke yet… pan only, and am not sure I like their paints over Sennelier.