Reply To: Best Synthetic Brushes

Ah Sandra, I love Cosmotop Spins — my favorite of the new ones I’ve tried.  Maybe we can trade…

I had a favorite brush which just bit the big one.  And the name wore off long ago.  *sigh*  I always have very cheap brushes around because I buy them to do detail work on furniture in oils, they are easily ruined, so I will not spend money.  Occasionally  one finds its way ito my watercolor stash.  And I don’t like mops.  I know that.  Too hard to clean.  I had what gets down into the little bit of plastic!

Okay, commentary which is early, I intend to do a post after I fully test these.

Princeton Neptune.  You can keep them — I have two to trade at some point, a mop and a 1/2-inch dagger.  They are very soft… Too soft for me.

I bought a set of the Da Vinci Travel brushes and am trying them out.  They are fine, but the number 10’s handle is HUGE for my hands.  A mascara tube?  Lip Gloss tube?

I am playing with the Escoda Prado and Versatil.The ersatil is nto as soft as the Neptune, and I may like it as I get used to it.  Holds water nicely.  The prado is in a flat and filbert, and is a bit stiffer, so I may end up liking a round in that instead.

I wanted to top out a cart for free shipping and btw Jerry’s Art-arama, not my favorite store… I  bought two Creative Inspiration rounds for a few bucks each and they are nto bad cheap brushes.  They are nto using hair.  I think eventually they will live in the oil paints, though… We will see.

Some of my favorite cheap brushes are Leow-Cornell… they hairs stay in place, and I’ve tried them in watercolors and think I like them.