Reply To: Handmade Paper

Hi – thanks for your order, much appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts too.

People’s preferences of paper is a funny thing. I recently sent some samples of some 1960s mould-made J Whatman out to 2 artists specialising in the same field; botanical watercolour. One loves it and the other? Not so much…!

The person who wasn’t crazy about it just wants a direct copy of the old recipe of Fabriano Artistico and the other, more keen user is someone who is always happy to chop and change and try new papers and works with the paper’s idiosyncrasies and embraces them. I guess that’s a reflection of us as humans to a certain degree. Try and change my brand of morning coffee and see where that gets you! 🙂

Many thanks to those of you who have contributed to this thread – everything’s been read at least three times even if I haven’t replied. Would still like to hear more if anyone else would like to post.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Looks like we’re in for gale force winds here in Orkney until Sunday… brrrr!