Reply To: Share Your Favorite Art Supplies!

I wish we had discount art supplies in Canada! The best I can get is free shipping sometimes if I order over a certain amount.  Shipping from the U.S. is too expensive. sigh. That means I don’t have a lot of choice in W/C papers or a variety in paint manufacturers. I’m envious.

Yes, Susan, I so agree!!!  It’s frustrating not having many sources for affordable or good quality art supplies here in Canada. I live in a very rural area of Nova Scotia and the nearest craft/art store is 2+ hours away (Michael’s and a Deserres store recently opened around the same area).

I basically order almost all of my supplies online – a lot from the UK, some from and some from Shipping, duty and the dreaded exchange rate from USD to CAD usually prevent me from ordering from US-based stores. 🙁

How I wish we had a CheapJoe’s or something similar in Canada! I’m always drooling over their selection and prices. isn’t too bad; if you purchase over $50, shipping is free. Besides that and (where prices are usually double or more compared to the same product on!), there are not many other choices! *sigh*