Reply To: Review-Da Vinci Watercolor 12-Full Pan Travel Tin

Okay, gurls…. I like the DV Perelyne not the Schminke.  Schminke’s colors are too flat — I can’t explain it.  Blicks and Ultrecht are the same company now and the prices are the same.

The thing about brights is that you can dull them down, but you can’t brighten the dulls… that is the thing.  In my own travel palette ic an easily dull down the bright greens into shadowy colors…. But you can’t undarken them.  And then too, I am a child of the 60’s from So Cal and flower power is in my bones… psychedelic!  (My mother used to warn me way from the evil Tim Leary.)

I am on a crazy color roll… I have even redone my normal pans of colors on my desk and gads I LITERALLY do not have room for one mroe color unless I buy a new set of Hahnemuhle post cards… I am completely filled up.  Mitchell does not know what has gotten into me (he likes looking at the colors though) and wants me to take it out of the bed because I spilled full pans of wet paint today… thankfully I am through reorganizing cuz I’d be sneaking it back in!

I, too must stop buying… but may have to stick my head into Blicks this week!

Oh, and BTW, I bought a bunch of DS real Quin Gold before it sold out.  I am the Quin Gold gurl.  So we will conquer the world of discontinued paints together!