Reply To: Review-Da Vinci Watercolor 12-Full Pan Travel Tin

Tonya, I have good luck with giveaways, but only because I enter so many, lol.  I do a tri-weekly list of resource links on my blog which includes links to art and craft giveaways.  That gives me the excuse to go looking.  I find that I win one giveaway for every 30-50 giveaways that I enter, if that gives you a clue.  These days I only win 3 or 4 times a year.  It used to be more like every 2 weeks.

I hope that Perylene Green isn’t going away because something is unavailable.  I know that historically green cars are the least popular except for occasional trends so that may be part of it.

I’m with you on DS.  I do like granulation, sometimes, but not on a regular basis, and I don’t like the way they dry in the pan.  I wonder if there is a correlation between liking M Graham (if you are in the right humidity) and disliking DS because they are nearly opposites in the way they dry in the pan.