Reply To: Review-Da Vinci Watercolor 12-Full Pan Travel Tin

I saw your posts and love that you do that! Unfortunately, I really don’t prioritize any time to enter giveaways. I did more of that in the past but it does take some commitment and time, so I let most of it go. I do enter the Doodlewash giveaways though. Me and like 10,000 other people. ha!

I like your DS/MG theory but since we moved from the coast to the mountains, I can no longer use MG annnndddd DS still shrinks like crazy in my pans. AJ & DV works just fine here, so I’m sticking with those two beautiful brands. But yes, it could certainly be a climate thing!

I don’t have high hopes for Perylene green sticking around, which is why I’m stocking up. Not many artists use a lot of (any?) green watercolors, and it is very unique… more what I call a “boutique” color. Still, I love that it’s single pigment. Such a gorgeous shade that SHOULD have staying power. At least you and I will be set. 😉