Reply To: Logic Behind my Travel Palettes, 1

Jenn I am not a Sci-Fi fan but a Heinlein fan (though I read some Asimov and Clarke… and Martians Go Home is a favorite).  I can’t remember the names of the books — but I loved the one where a rich man’s brain is transplanted into a young woman’s body and the body has memory and argues with the brain!  Internal man-woman arguing — whoda thot!  Heinlein also wrote a woman’s point of view so well.  I read them all….

Moviemakers rarely get the movies right… I was disgusted by the Tolkien movies — disgusted.

Beverly I am a huge voyeur of palettes and tools!

I MUST do a video on Primateks.  I see so many people trying them out and they sue them in normal ways… I think they fall a bit flat when used that way.