Reply To: Prima Watercolor Confections (and Travel Palette)

So, I got The Classics, Tropicals and Decadent Pies for Christmas and I am pleased as punch with these paints for the price. You get the nifty tins like you ladies mentioned which is a steal when you look at the price of tins even minus paint.

Maybe I like them so much because this is my first step up from the cheapest of the cheaps. I feel the colors are vibrant and fun. My favorite is the Tropicals. The only color I struggle with is the silver from the Decadent Pies. It is grainy but if you look at my Sledding Squirrels in my gallery that is the color I used and I think it looks fab.

All in all I think if you are on a budget and you want to step up from Daler-Rowney student sets these sets are perfect. I am probably going to purchase the other 2 sets soon just so I can have them ALL!