Reply To: Rearranging a permanent pan palette?

Hmm, all this is so interesting. I’ve only ever had one pop out of my palette (the Indian red I was mentioning earlier). I guess I’m grateful it hasn’t happened more. Also gives me hope that maybe if I leave my palette open it may dry out a bit past what it does normally (I mist it when I paint, so I wonder if my paints never get to the rock hard state) and I’ll be able to pop everything out with ease.

Jennifer, I used to LOVE the swapping pans option and used half/full pans exclusively but I got to the point were I just couldn’t deal with the ergonomics and layout of the larger tri-fold palettes. It might be a feug shui thing, or I’m just picky, lol. The mijello palette has my favorite layout, well size, and available mixing area so far, so I’m more than willing to fidget with the wells, and wait until I reeeeeally want to switch colors to keep that configuration. I keep telling myself once I have a “favorite” selection of colors it will sort itself out, but there’s always one new paint I need to try, one alternate shade that may be nice, lol.

Sharon and Sandra, I find the 2 Sennelier colors I have are about as tacky as the M. Graham color I have. I don’t have many (one and two respectively hardly counts for experience by any means, hehe) but just my opinion on the two. I don’t have any Da Vinci yet, it’s one company on my list to try. I just picked up some American Journey and Holbein, but are still evaluating with dots on my palette and haven’t filled any wells until I’m more familiar with them and if they’ll be permanently in my lineup. Another reason I’m willing to fiddle with the wells to rearrange in my palette, I can add dots of color around the edges of the mixing space for trade-swapped (that’s all I own of the paint to “try out”), lesser used, or specialty colors. Bonus space. lol. I attached a picture below if that doesn’t make sense.

Gustavis Palette

Thanks everyone for chiming in, I feel like I’m learning above and beyond what I asked about. But there’s always so much more to learn beyond the horizon that you’re familiar with, right? Lol.