Reply To: What do you do with all your paintings?

I am on a quest to find the perfect sketchbook.  So far, since I started really painting in sketchbooks last summer, I have tried a variety of sketchbbooks including Kahdi, Moleskin, handbook with handmade rough paper, Stillman and Birn Beta, Hahnemuhle and something spiral bound with black covers (there’s no mark on the inside so I don’t know the brand.)  My favorites far and away are the Hahnemuhle and the Kahdi.

In the past I have only painted on Arches cold press which I truly love…next project will be making my own sketchbook with Arches 140#.  Oh, except I picked up a package of Bee paper today….just because I haven’t tried it yet….and I had a 50% off coupon at Michaels.  So maybe the next sketchbook will be handmade with Arches.