Reply To: What do you do with all your paintings?

Thanks for that Ikea link, just like Sandra, me thinks I’m gonna have to go shopping. EEEgads. Ikea just opened a pick up location in our city. Now I’m really in trouble. IT looks fantastic and just what I’ve needed and been looking for.

I store my finished art in a large artist’s portfolio. It holds a 22×30 piece of watercolor paper so I can store the larger unused pieces of paper without damage and just chuck my done art in the front. I tend to thin the herd once a year too, toss out the bad, keep the good. I used to cut the stuff up that I didn’t like and make bookmarks. I have a laminator and you can buy bookmark lamination strips. I will start doing that again now that I’m back to reviewing books again for publishers. Use them as giveaways etc.

Other than that I put up the art I like around the house and sometimes gift a piece if someone likes it or trade with another artist. That’s fun as you end up with a great wall of art made just for you by friends. I also always scan my art and then make business cards with Moo.I love that I can show my work on my business card. If you’re secure with your work you can alway sell the original or make prints of it and sell those.