Reply To: Studio Voyeurs (Share your desk!)

Thanks Shar! Just curious…why would it only last a week in your hands? Do you mean because the desk is white?

I’ve never had white furniture before, but I wanted something that would be light. Also, as we have 4 cats, I can’t stand seeing a lot of dust or cat hair on my workspace – the white ‘hides’ that to a degree. lol! Everything else, I sourced myself. The storage fabric boxes were cheap but sturdy (got at grocery store) and the wooden box to hold my paints is a carpenter’s box. As for the desk, IKEA makes some pretty sturdy ones and they’re quite inexpensive too, as desks go. I do want to get some sheets of Plexiglass to cover the tops though, to prevent scratches and stains on the white surface. I already have a small piece of Plexi underneath my palette/water bowl, just in case. Knowing me, and my klutz ways, if I spilled any paint it would be phthalo blue or something else extremely staining. Sigh.