Reply To: Taking Pigment Advice

Great blog post! I’ve definitely gone down this road as well. After many instances of “this will be my final palette selection, so it’s worth the extra investment now”, I’ve stopped adding paints after every new book I read or tutorial I watch. Even if I love the artist’s style and everything about their technique, I have come to realize even if I love it, it may not be something I will create myself.  I’ve even clamped down so far as to wait a few months after testing and thinking I actually need a new color to MAAAYBE purchase it. I’ve been sitting on getting Sap Green now for like half a year. I have a sample, I’ve used it, but do I NEED it? Along your own preferences, Kate, the purchases I’m less likely to regret are the transparent colors I’ve added. Thanks for sharing, this advice is always great to hear, and talk down the inner art supply hoarder in us all. Haha