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Alejandro Morales

My sketch kit consists of:

1. Stillman and Birn 8×10 Softcover Sketchbook (I vary between papers, right now I am using a Zeta)

2. Pad of Tomoe River Paper … I am working on my novel on this paper and I like to tape raw writing into my sketchbook … looking into drawing or painting over the writing which is a big thing I am exploring now.

3. 24 pan Kremer Pigments tin with 31 colors shoved in there. It’s a bit much, but several of those are grays and neutrals I am experimenting with at the moment. My paints are mostly Daniel Smith, with a few DaVinci and M. Graham in the mix.

4. Four Pentel Aquash brush pens. I have some nice brushes I would prefer to use but these are convenient

5. I keep a pencil case full with a combination of colored pencils (for line work), watercolor pencils (line and wash … and experimenting with drawing with them in watercolor washes), Pitt Artist Pens (S nibs and a Black B nib), A Platinum Carbon Pen, Pilot Penmanship Pen with Noodler’s Lexington Gray, and a Pilot Metropolitan in Fine that I use for writing or if I want to draw with watersoluable ink.

6. Faber Castell Tri Sharpener

7. Faber Castell Kneaded Eraser

8. MUJI Black eraser

9. Koh-I-Noor Magic Pencil

10. Uni Signo White Gel Pen

11. Two small rags.

This all fits in a tote bag and goes with me everywhere.

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