Reply To: Taking Pigment Advice

Jill Gustavis

I have to agree with you there Sandra. I don’t mind having variations of colors. On most accounts, I don’t “regret” per say, so maybe that was a bad choice of wording on my part. It’s usually a mixture of hoping to find a new use for a color that didn’t pan out for the use I bought it for or wishing I could have used the money from that purchase (that I may not be immediately using) for another color/supply.

In the case of stubborn colors (Roasted French Ochre (DS), Viridian (DS), Davy’s Grey (WN) to name a few) I feel like I’d wished I’d know how hard they are to use. Yes the color is nice, but they don’t easily rewet so I need to be prepared to squeeze them fresh or scrub the pan.

So maybe not regret, but I feel bad not immediately using (or enjoying) the paints I spend money on. But it is a nice feeling indeed when I do find a new use for a color I’d previously been disappointed in or replaced. 🙂

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