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Thanks Julia.  Brushes are a pain for me.  I have had favorite brushes and the name has worn off (did I think to write it down, NO!) and I have trouble finding what I like.  I don’t do hair brushes — I don’t want to kill critters for brushes — that is just me.  I buy synthetics. And I have some very cheap brushes (not just inexpensive but cheap) that I’ve loved — I buy them for our shop as I use them in the furniture conservation business.  I don’t want to waste $$ on expensive brushes as sometimes they are trashed in one sitting.  In those cases I go for Princeton’s package brushes (Blick’s sell them) and often I love them for my artwork.

Currently I am happiest with Da Vinci Cosmotops.  I have some Loew-Cornell brushes (older) that I still love.   It is completel;y personal, brushes, and soem people here will love the two I am about to name as not-loved-at-all, but I don’t love Escoda Versatil or Escoda Prado.

BUT BUT BUT, one thing that I have learned, is to keep a brush for awhile and continue to play with it.  Sometimes they break in (more like me breaking in) like comfortable shoes after awhile.

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