Reply To: All about watercolor and brushes.

Hi Kate!


many thanks for useful links! I have the same Sennelier set shown in the link.  Sennelier has good layering properties and they are good for painting flora I would think. I also own a few cosmotop brushes so I know the quality. But I think ultimately I may need bigger brushes because I am thinking of doing bigger paintings.

I have a problem with what colors to use permanently and I subconsciously bought too many colours to try, because I don’t know how the colours would suit me.


Schmincke is good brand but the price is steep. Sennelier is Bette but the pigment content appears to be lower then Schmincke.


I wonder how you find about other brands like Daniel Smith and white nights?

I don’t find white nights a problem but I don’t find them many top 10 list on the internet. I wonder if there’s anything I miss about these wings apart from the fact their prices are very attractive. If I want to paint big as an amateur, I think white nights is a good choice. Tube paints is another.