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Sandra Strait

Anneli, I don’t think you have too many lines – just the right amount to get a sense of detail without confusion.  You mention that some might be too dominant, and I agree with that.

Contrast  draws the eye – the dark square above the woman is the darkest area on the page, but it doesn’t give much information about the subject or theme of the drawing, and comes forward, when it should be farther back.  The lines of the bus stop are the same value as the fence, so they seem to be on top of each other.

Details and darkness fade the farther away they are from the viewer.  Even if the objects in the distance are darker than those in front, they seem lighter.

You have quite a bit of white space at the bottom.  Even if it isn’t true to life, you could have brought the fence down a bit, and had white space between it and the other side of the street.  With that and with lightening the values of the bus stop, sign and building you would increase the feeling of distance.

You chose a difficult subject, a view with a lot going on, and similar details throughout.  You did a fabulous job choosing the details to represent and the textures to use.

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