Reply To: Share your favorite pen & ink drawings


I personally love Alphonso Dunn and learned most of my inkwork from him.  He does a great job of integrating art principles into his subject matter.  I know he has at least a few urban sketches on his YouTube feed where he shares some of his shortcuts.

Another urban/architectural sketcher that’s very accessible to new urban sketchers is Stephanie Bowker.  She doesn’t have much free info available, but she has a nice Instagram feed, a couple of Craftsy classes (free to watch on some US Holiday weekends or go on sale for around $20 USD a couple of times a year), and a book.  She gives lots of individual feedback in her Craftsy classes, even importing your drawing and drawing and annotating over the top to show you where to improve.  I’ve never seen her use pen — she’s a pencil and watercolor artist.  She has a light touch with watercolor that I appreciate.

Liz Steele, Teoh Yi Chi, and Marc Taro Holmes all have a loose ink and watercolor style and are excellent teachers.  I prefer the crisper look of Alphonso Dunn and Stephanie Bowker personally, but I’ve learned quite a lot from watching and reading those three as well.

All that said, it’s miles on the pen that make the biggest difference 🙂

Happy drawing!