Reply To: All about watercolor and brushes.

Hi Sandra,


thanks for the invaluable advice!  I will keep at heart of the points you’ve made!


I also think pan paints are ideal to store rather than using tube paints. Some tube paints are too dry that they look like dehydrated rocks on the palette which I can’t stand. But they are genuinely money saving.


So what I did was I decided to get a set of white nights tubes because their paints are wetter and hopefully they don’t dry too much in the tubes. But I doubt they will judging from the pan paints I have from white nights.


frankly speaking I think white nights are under rated because they are a strong competitor. I can’t find much fault with the paints. And I realized I often use white nights for many colours rather than some other brands because the hues are brilliant.


For transparency and brilliance, Daniel Smith comes in tops. They are genuinely Watercolours. But they only in tubes. Schmincke is great but too expensive to do on a large scale. I too think that Sennelier is great for florals. So expensive pans for small delicate pieces for now, economical ones for me to splash and try is my current strategy for now. Actually the most expensive is the papers.


I don’t know how I can save on that one. But I try using cellulose papers for practice and save the cotton ones for the real thing. Then again, the irony is the draft usually is the better one!!!!


I have a fundamental knowledge in colours but i don’t delve in it too much. Because colours by name and colours in practice can be different. Then again, when you communicate in words, these terms and theories need to be known.


I have injured my right arm by accident so I dont think I can paint much for this month. But I am grateful to have my arm sprained instead of broken. Will have to be extra careful now.