Reply To: Swapping DS Neutral Tint

Jyll Stuart


I would love to swap a 1/2 pan with you! I live in the US, so I don’t think it would be a problem to send this to you. Here are the DS colors I have on hand:

Ultramarine Blue =PB29
Phthalo Blue GS – PB15:3
Rose of Ultramarine – PB24, PV19
Indigo – PB60, PBk6
Cerulean Blue – PB35
Undersea Green – PB29, PO48, PY150
Burnt Sienna – PBr7
Sepia – PBr7 PBk9
Italian Burnt Sienna – PBr7
Phthalo Green BS – PG7
Phthalo Green YS – PG36
Serpentine Green (Primatek)
Cobalt Teal Blue – PG50
Permanent orange – PO62
Pyrrol Scarlet – PR255
Quinacridone Lilac – PR122
Alizarin Crimson – PR83
Carbazole Violet – PV23
Imperial Purple – PV19
Hansa Yellow Light – PY3
Hansa Yellow Deep – PY65
Hansa Yellow Medium – PY97
Yellow Ochre – PY43
Green Gold – PY150, PY3, PG36
Aussie Red Gold – PY83, PR101, PV10
Payne’s Gray – PB29, PKk9

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