Reply To: DIY Travel Palettes

Travel PaletteI’ve got a new setup of cool/warm triad mixing/intro sets. 1 each from Daniel Smith, Da Vinci, and QoR.  This is what I call my “heavy” palette, though it is still minimal.

I have fit them all into a QoR tin, which has a cover that can be used as a palette; though I carry a small 3” porcelain flower palette as well. The extra space in the QoR tin I use for a folded up paper towel which allows me to clean my pre-loaded water brushes or offload extra pigment or extra moisture.

I’ve also made a small secondary colour wheel swatch of each brand in my 3×5 travel sketchbook so I can refer to it and know which colours I need for each project. I can even decide to mix brands while still keeping within color harmony.

So far I’ve been able to get the darkest of blacks, QoR pigments, to the softest of pastels, Da Vinci and Daniel Smith. I’ve been able to paint anything I’ve wanted to colour wise so far with these 3 mini sets.