Reply To: MGraham, problem


Emails and several calls to MGraham and no response.  ZIP.

Apparently one thing is that they’ve sold the business, so it is no longer owned by the founders. Because no one answers, and so I finally called Merriartist (excellent store) for advice.  I am not looking for them to replace all the paints but several smell badly and it is hard to figure this out. She gave me the secret phone number to contact someone in the MGraham products area… so left message.

I gotta tell you, everyone everyone everyone else has numbers where people call and have return calls and employees are not hiding, so this non-response is not going to bode well with me.  It’s been a week+.  What I wanted from them was a head’s up if they’d gotten calls on any particular paint, because otherwise I am going to have to repour all these while I smell them — which I’d rather not do.  Sometimes companies have a head’s up on a pigment or paint gone bad.