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Jan Beane


I’m from Maine. Brand new to watercolor but love it so far. My husband indulges me in any creative thing I want to do! I taught dry flower design and we grew the flowers here. I have made and sold over 150 Waldorf dolls.  I raised 6 children and several foster children. I have 13 grandchildren.  I never did anything creative until my late 40s. I had a beautiful herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats until I retired.  My son and family moved in with us three years ago and so I no longer have to cook or clean (except our bedroom and bath).  I decided I wanted to try watercolor about a month ago and I paint everyday. I am soaking up knowledge as fast as I can and am having a blast. However I am fearless or crazy and will try painting anything! Practice! Practice! Practice!!  It took some time to realise I needed to keep it simple and not have every detail in the picture. I am glad to have found this group. I still don’t know how the friend thing works but Sandra, I’d love to be your friend. And anyone else as well. Just guide me through the process.

Jan Beane  watercolor beginner from Maine


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