Reply To: Beginning advice on starting out selling your work?

I have a website.  It doesn’t get as much traffic or sell as much as I had hoped, but I’ve been learning how to increase traffic recently.  I sell stuff through social media some, but my most successful sales come from Bazaars and Art fairs.  Recently however, we have had several co-op type stores open up and I’ve been able to sell art through those.  That’s more of a tourist season business though.

I had a long time artist help me figure out pricing for prints.  He said charge 3x’s what the print cost you.  My smallest prints cost between $5 & $6 to produce so I charge between $15 & $18.  As they get bigger the price goes up, but that seems to be about right for my area.  He helped me price my originals as well, but most people want the prints.

A couple other things to look in to is other products you can put artwork on.  I sell vinyl stickers and people love them.  I recently started putting my art on journal covers, and sold most of those in just a few weeks.  Those are some options that aren’t prints that people seem to like.

That’s probably going on tangents, but I hope something will be helpful, I wish you luck!