Reply To: Do paint brands make a difference?


After an attempt with acrylic paints, I’ve switched gears and just recently started with watercolor. I have two sets of watercolor pencils that I enjoy using. The watercolor paints I picked up are very inexpensive. I’ve been rather disappointed with them, but I’m not sure what the matter really is, my mixing or the pigment/binder ratio.

The set I purchased from Amazon: “TBC The Best Crafts 36 Colors Watercolor Paint Set, Portable Travel Watercolor Pan Set with Paint Brush, Student Quality Watercolor Cake for Kids”. The reviews were encouraging but I find it very difficult to mix the paints with water to get a smooth waterpaint. It appears gritty and the pigment adheres to my brush like white on rice, also the pigment will separate from the water, sort of like red blood cells from plasma. I’ve tried mixing in the small shallow cups on the lid, on a ceramic platter and a plastic palette dish. I get the same results every time. If I paint directly from the cake, it comes out a brilliant color and I can make a simple wash with it in stages. Is it normal to paint directly from the cake?

I would love to get another set, but economically that isn’t an option right now. I’m hoping someone has some ideas that I could try with this cheaper set. And, in addition, has anyone else tried this set?

Thank you so much for reading and for this community.

Sketcher Blind