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Sandra Strait

Hello Trissa! It’s wonderful to learn more about you! I can’t imagine traveling in an RV with those dogs! The Great Pyrenee would take up a great deal of the room! As someone who had two English Mastiffs at the same time, I know how they dominate the space, lol.

I was a featured artist here at Doodlewash back in 2017, and that covers most of my background. Things haven’t changed too much, except that I now review art supplies regularly at Doodlewash), but don’t do the link lists mentioned in my feature.

My husband is a couple of years away from retirement, but I spend my time with family and artwork. Notice I say artwork, not housework. ‘Nuff said about that.

My artistic focus still changes often. I’m using gouache more often, and playing occasionally with acrylic. Originally, I was drawn to watercolor because it is such a transparent medium.  I’ve found though, that my style isn’t one that embraces transparency.  Fortunately, my both watercolor and my style are flexible enough. I can use watercolor in more opaque ways, and occasionally have a fling with transparency. I’m still an awful cheat – visiting old loves such as zentangle, pen and ink and all those art styles I’ve flirted with and loved in the past.


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