Reply To: Book Review: Sketching Stuff-Create Like a Kid Again!

Annie clover

Want to learn how to draw or doodle? Nope. This isn’t the book for that. Chock full of beautiful illustrations that make the information fun to read, and with 60 exercises based on the info, it’s a book to stimulate the brain.
You can do the exercises by drawing (as I did with these colors), by writing, and in many cases simply by thinking. It’s not a book to hand to a young child to use on their own, but the exercises would be great for an adult and young child to do together. It would be fun for an older child and/or children to work through.
There are no step-by-step drawing or writing exercises, more like challenges. In my examples above, I did the challenges to come up with non-food related uses for a fork, to finish a story about a little girl who could fly, and to drop wet paint onto a wet page, and find shapes/stories in the result.
There is a lot of information about how the brain works, and it’s written in an easy -to -understand way. Many people would find the book fascinating even if they never did the exercises. For those who aren’t interested in the reading, they can do the exercises without reading it. No matter how you slice or dice it, this book has something for everyone.

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