Reply To: Favorite ink and watercolor supplies

I haven’t met a medium or ink I dislike yet – if it’s being difficult I see it as a challenge. Sometimes it’s just a matter of pairing it with the right paper or substrate. (Currently destroying/experimenting 😆 with a few new journals – one maybe should have been labeled ink journal not watercolor 🤣. Watercolor puddles but the ink absorbs just right. Thinking it was heavy sealed or treated?)

Most recent favorite technical drawing pens: Super black but, I also really love sketching with a nib & dip ink (usually PH Martin inda or acrylic ink) – the softer fabercastell graphatites (like a 6 or 7 B) with watercolor has been creating a nice effect, too. I like to add charcoal to overline watercolor when it’s too bright or washed out. (Love the grundge feel of it sometimes – like for a rain scene).

Watercolor: Daniel smith is obvious but, I also like Turner, Holbien, Da Vinci, Van Gough, & Mission Gold (Warning: the Mission Golds WILL stain your brushes but, oooo the rich color)

I also do Gouache & other Mediums & drawing pencil/pens. 😉